Today, one of the most effective and proven way to attract the maximum number of potential customers is the distribution of leaflets, brochures and flyers. Hundreds of companies use this popular method of BTL-promote products and services. However, in all cases there should resort to the use of this popular marketing tool?

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When leafleting the best option?

Resort to the distribution of leaflets is advantageous and practical, if:

1. Do you want to have your customers remain your business card with a phone number, directions, discount coupons, etc .;
2. You want to choose a target audience by external features (the owners of cars, men up to 50 years, etc.);
3. You want to choose a CA on a geographical basis (for example, you need to inform the residents of a certain area of ​​the opening of your store);
4. You want to immediately inform all residents about their new product / service, lower prices, etc .;
5. Do you want during the advertising campaign to attract the attention of the largest possible number of people, offering leaflets with discount coupons or organizing a raffle.

Methods for distributing leaflets

Depending on the target audience and your tasks to distribute leaflets in one of the following 3 ways:
example listovokRazdacha distribution of leaflets in the metro, in shopping malls, on the street and in other crowded places – in this case are selected from the entire flow of people only potential customers.
The layout for the parking of cars on natural (often used in combination with the first method) – As a rule, the motorist with interest to read and store flyer if it will contain a phone number towing, car service, or new auto parts store.

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Installing dispensaries (usually near the entrance to shopping malls) – the success of this method of distribution of promotional materials largely depends on their brightness and the ability of the “cling”.

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