You don’t need to go all the way to Caribbean islands to enjoy unique white sandy beaches, warm azure colored sea and wonder about the underwater miracles of the tropical sea life. It is enough to go to Florida and visit Sandestin and Miramar beach. This is one of the best destinations in Florida both for tourists willing to have active vacations and for those who just want to enjoy warm crystal-clear waters of the sea and warm Florida sun.

Both Sandestin and Miramar represents major seaside destinations that are attracting more and more visitor severy year. Many of them are returning, fully satisfied with the offer and atmosphere on destinations. If you need a ride to any other close destination, we recommend you to call the best Destin taxi company in the area. They will even wait you at the airport and bring you where ever you are staying.

Sandestin was small fishermen village until it was boosted by potential of tourism. Due to its location on Gulf of Mexico coastline with vast snow-white sandy beaches, it became major tourist destination that welcomes thousands of visitors every year. For those who are more adventurous, Sandestin offers great snorkeling or scuba diving possibilities, as well as boating and water skiing. If you prefer to stay dry, renting a bike or trying out one of many premium golf courses including Raven Golf Club, one of 2007 PGA tour destinations. Various dining options are available to fulfill everyone’s appetite, from Italian pizzas to authentic Creole gastronomy from New Orleans area. Fresh seafood is part of the local tradition, so dining a fish caught by local fishermen just some hours ago is both cultural and gastronomical must-do in Sandestin. Excellent Finz restaurant excels as main option for a fresh fish specialty.

Miramar Beach offers to visitors dream destination experience for seaside escape, one that many visualize in their daydreams during hard working day, while they imagine themselves far away from daily routine on the endless line of sandy beaches where their gazes are disappearing in the blueness of point where ocean meets the sky. This beach neighborhood represents classic idyllic coastal city with its scenic seaside roads, white sandy beaches covered with colorful umbrellas and surf shops, as well as endless lines of cafe bars, restaurants and beach side resorts that offers fabulous panoramic views on the Gulf of Mexico. Together with slow but persistent waves that are crumbling on the sand-shores of the beaches simultaneously are flowing numerous surfers on their boards, both experienced and beginners.

As a major seaside destination, Miramar beach offers wide range of possibilities for a sport on water opportunities. Besides already mentioned surfing which attracts most of the younger visitor, there are also possibilities for renting jet-ski, paddle boards, sea kayaks or you can just take a mask and enjoy the snorkeling possibilities.


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