Advertising and information leaflets and posters – the most commonly used types of products for presentations, exhibitions and mailings. Presence of own industrial base allows to produce leaflets and posters in different formats (A6 to A0), color, and various types of paper.

More recently, the printed printing products could only afford some businesses. But over time, with the advent of new technologies, this production has become much more accessible and more efficient.

Posters are one of the most effective promotional materials, as even one instance, placed at the site of the flow of people, can attract dozens of clients in your office. With posters, you can bring all the necessary information to your potential customers. Posters used to advertise: upcoming concerts, performances, film screenings, exhibitions, opening a new store, sporting event or just a holiday. In comparison with other printing products, posters accounted for much cheaper, but its effectiveness in many times more.

Flyers are now also popular as posters. But use them differently. Very often seen in young people shopping stores handing out colorful leaflets. Also, they scatter in the mailboxes of houses, used for exhibitions or distribute in-person meeting with a client. This type of advertising is also quite effective and not very expensive. If you decide to advertise their products or services, the leaflets carry out their task perfectly, and certainly “interested” a lot of new customers.

Here you can order the printing of leaflets and posters. We will carry out all work on the design and replication, as well as give you the price with attractive prices. Leaflets and posters – is the perfect solution to promote their products and services. Book printing leaflets and posters in Belgorod, contact our managers by phone or via the feedback form on the site.


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