Today, one of the most effective and proven way to attract the maximum number of potential customers is the distribution of leaflets, brochures and flyers. Hundreds of companies use this popular method of BTL-promote products and services. However, in all cases there should resort to the use of this popular marketing tool?

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When leafleting the best option?

Resort to the distribution of leaflets is advantageous and practical, if:

1. Do you want to have your customers remain your business card with a phone number, directions, discount coupons, etc .;
2. You want to choose a target audience by external features (the owners of cars, men up to 50 years, etc.);
3. You want to choose a CA on a geographical basis (for example, you need to inform the residents of a certain area of ​​the opening of your store);
4. You want to immediately inform all residents about their new product / service, lower prices, etc .;
5. Do you want during the advertising campaign to attract the attention of the largest possible number of people, offering leaflets with discount coupons or organizing a raffle.

Methods for distributing leaflets

Depending on the target audience and your tasks to distribute leaflets in one of the following 3 ways:
example listovokRazdacha distribution of leaflets in the metro, in shopping malls, on the street and in other crowded places – in this case are selected from the entire flow of people only potential customers.
The layout for the parking of cars on natural (often used in combination with the first method) – As a rule, the motorist with interest to read and store flyer if it will contain a phone number towing, car service, or new auto parts store.

Installing dispensaries (usually near the entrance to shopping malls) – the success of this method of distribution of promotional materials largely depends on their brightness and the ability of the “cling”.

Advertising copy brochures and booklets – it informative and at the same time short texts written in simple language and includes a call to action and a few tricks hidden influence on the subconscious, which aim inducement to purchase any goods or services.

Texts for brochures, leaflets and booklets should attract the attention of potential customers instantly and act on them hypnotically, because the study of the content of advertising printed products, people spend an average of 3 to 10 seconds! Therefore, the writing of such texts requires not only a copywriter great skill and knowledge of the fundamentals of advertising and marketing, but also the painstaking study of all the features of the advertised product or service.

Copywriter, creating texts for leaflets, must have a clear idea of ​​what a promotional text and from which he is the main parts. Note, however, that most of the time should be given to the header as a principal means of attracting the attention of the target audience to text leaflets USP (unique selling proposition). Title should be a short, bright and memorable. Ideally, it should immediately respond to a potential buyer on three main questions: “What?”, “For whom?” And “What is my benefit?”.

A striking example in this case can serve as a headline: “Hurry on sale women’s sheepskin with discounts up to 50%!”. Subject header – selling sheepskin. This is the answer to the question: “What?”. From the title and once it becomes clear that women’s coats. The benefit of this quotation is more than obvious, because coats are expensive and purchase them at a discount of 20%, 30% or 50% – a significant savings!

So when I saw this title, any girl immediately with great interest will begin selling text read leaflets containing an eloquent story about the advantages of making a purchase in this store (USP) and a variety of techniques to conceal the struggle with objections (inevitably arise from the buyer in the decision making process of the purchase). If this text is an experienced copywriter, the natural result of his reading becomes an increase in sales of the advertised goods and services.

Texts for brochures and pamphlets written by the same rules as the texts of leaflets, with the only difference being that in this case should take into account a larger amount of information refers to the separation of the entire text into several blocks, united by a common theme, and one style. Information must be accurate and “tasty” filed a potential buyer. Meet all these requirements and to create high-quality text for your leaflets, booklets and brochures can best writers of our copywriting studio «« Textler ».

Advertising and information leaflets and posters – the most commonly used types of products for presentations, exhibitions and mailings. Presence of own industrial base allows to produce leaflets and posters in different formats (A6 to A0), color, and various types of paper.

More recently, the printed printing products could only afford some businesses. But over time, with the advent of new technologies, this production has become much more accessible and more efficient.

Posters are one of the most effective promotional materials, as even one instance, placed at the site of the flow of people, can attract dozens of clients in your office. With posters, you can bring all the necessary information to your potential customers. Posters used to advertise: upcoming concerts, performances, film screenings, exhibitions, opening a new store, sporting event or just a holiday. In comparison with other printing products, posters accounted for much cheaper, but its effectiveness in many times more.

Flyers are now also popular as posters. But use them differently. Very often seen in young people shopping stores handing out colorful leaflets. Also, they scatter in the mailboxes of houses, used for exhibitions or distribute in-person meeting with a client. This type of advertising is also quite effective and not very expensive. If you decide to advertise their products or services, the leaflets carry out their task perfectly, and certainly “interested” a lot of new customers.

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